Our Values

At Lil' Drug Store Products, we strive to live our values every day. 
Integrity. Change. Customer. Results. Growth. Engage.





Integrity is the foundation of Lil' Drug Store Products. We do what is right – both in our day-to-day business and in our commitment to making a positive impact on the community. 




Lil’ Drug has a legacy of cultivating innovation and finding solutions to unmet needs. Throughout our history, we have developed several products into category leading brands.






Lil’ Drug’s core competency is our trusted relationships within the convenience and travel channels.  We strive to understand the needs of our customers.





Lil’ Drug has a proven record of leadership and excellence in the channels we serve. Our business results are delivered by people who are accountable and passionate about their work.






Lil’ Drug has grown from a simple idea to become the leading supplier of health and beauty care products in the convenience channel, as well as a trusted supplier and partner in the travel and alternative channels. Our sales growth is made possible by our commitment to innovation to meet changing consumer needs. 





Lil' Drug is proud to be an employee-led company. Our employees never hesitate to raise their hands for additional opportunities to engage in the company and the community. We all work together as one team to accomplish our shared goals.


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