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Car trouble can happen without warning and convenience stores are often the closest option available when shoppers need help.  Fortunately, Lil' Auto Store has convenience stores covered to help travelers who are on the road.  Lil' Auto Store logos are a sign for quality auto products with a broad assortment of parts that convenience store shoppers need to keep their cars running smoothly.   The variety of products from Lil’ Auto Store includes booster cables, tire gauges, fuses, tools, tape, clamps and tire repair kits.  Lil' Auto Store even offers air fresheners!  

Convenience store retailers can count on Lil’ Auto Store to supply a wide variety of auto supplies to keep c-stores and their shoppers running reliably.  Lil’ Auto Store products are competitively priced and offers convenience stores a single source of supply instead of buying parts from a number of different vendors.   Contact Lil’ Drug Store Products for details about the Lil’ Auto Store product line and recommended assortment.  Simplify the supply chain and start carrying Lil’ Auto Products’ wide variety of solutions for convenience store wholesalers and retailers.

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