Lil' Drug Store Products to Re-Launch NoDoz® Brand

Nov 15, 2017

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Lil' Drug Store Products Inc. (LDSP) has announced that NoDoz®, the most recognized brand in the alertness aid category, will soon be available to the convenience store channel. NoDoz alertness aid caplets will be available for shipment to convenience stores beginning on November 20, 2017. "We are excited to bring NoDoz to convenience store shoppers and help them fight fatigue when they need it most, whether to stay awake on long drives or for an added edge to complete tough assignments," says Doug Marquardt, LDSP Director of Marketing. "Convenience stores are the perfect retail outlet for the NoDoz brand as consumers use NoDoz anytime throughout the day."

Recent research surveys by Brandware showed that consumers recognize the NoDoz brand more than any other brand in the alertness aid category and view NoDoz as a safe and effective way to help restore mental alertness and fight fatigue. Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter occasionally reference the NoDoz brand when people are preparing for long road trips, working a double shift, or studying for college tests.

LDSP acquired the NoDoz brand in June 2017. One NoDoz caplet contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, so it is a safe and effective way to get an energy boost. NoDoz is currently sold in 60 dose bottles at Walmart, Walgreens, and grocery chains such as Kroger. Starting in November 2017, NoDoz will be available at convenience stores in on-the-go pack sizes suitable for immediate use occasions.

"The NoDoz brand is another great example of Lil' Drug's commitment to bringing trusted, consumer preferred brands to the convenience store channel," adds Marquardt. "There are so many occasions when convenience store shoppers need an extra boost of energy to get through the day. It is an easy decision for retailers to add NoDoz to the many Lil' Drug Store health and beauty products they already sell in their stores."

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