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Major consumer brands look to Lil' Drug Store Products for access to the convenience channel and its shoppers. We work with convenience wholesalers and retailers big and small to supply top brands for on-the-go consumers.

Lil’ Drug Store Products can help your brand succeed in convenience stores nationwide. We have been part of the convenience store channel for over 40 years. During that time, Lil’ Drug Store Products has developed an extensive network of convenience stores through our relationships with brokers, distributors and category managers. Lil’ Drug Store Products has helped brands like Carmex, Rolaids, Ricola, and Harvest Snaps greatly expand distribution into the convenience store channel.


Lil' Drug worked closely with PL developments to create an entire line of quality HBC products for the convenience store shopper. Over 60% of health and beauty care shoppers prefer value equivalents to name brands. Convenience stores can now match other channels in meeting the private label shopper need.


Lil’ Drug Store has helped Carmex become the fastest growing brand of lip treatment in convenience stores. Carmex has experienced tremendous growth in convenience stores as the exclusive lip treatment brand with Lil’ Drug Store Products. Distribution of Carmex products has increased to over 100,000 convenience stores. Millions of convenience store shoppers now choose Carmex as the preferred brand for moisturizing chapped lips.


Since Rolaids partnered with Lil’ Drug Store Products to be the exclusive brand of antacids in the convenience channel, distribution of Rolaids brand has increased to over 120,000 stores. The resulting sales growth has been a huge driver of the brand’s market share growth in the convenience channel.


When Ricola agreed to an exclusive brand distribution agreement with Lil’ Drug Store Products, they saw the opportunity to make Ricola the top natural cough remedy for convenience shoppers. Ricola cough drops are now available in over 75,000 convenience stores and growing at a double-digit rate over the past 3 years.


Alcon® is the leading innovator of eye care products in the world, and Lil’ Drug Store Products is pleased to be its exclusive partner in the convenience channel. Contact Lens Solution and Dry Eye Relief are common needs for convenience store shoppers. Lil’ Drug brings the top brands in each of those segments to c-stores to help grow their HBC category. Opti-Free® PureMoist® contact lens solution and Systane® Ultra dry eye lubricant are consumer preferred and doctor recommended.


Batteries and flashlights are indispensable products for the consumer, so Lil’ Drug Store Products now carries an exclusive line of Rayovac products for convenience stores. Lil’ Drug Store Products shipments of Rayovac products to convenience stores have TRIPLED in just 3 years!

Harvest Snaps

Harvest Snaps, a product of Calbee, North America, saw the potential to grow their brand in the convenience channel and looked to Lil’ Drug Store Products to help achieve that goal. Millions of people have tried the crispy pea-pod shaped salty snacks and love Harvest Snaps because they have less fat and calories plus more fiber and protein than potato chips. Lil’ Drug Store Products is now the exclusive supplier of Harvest Snaps to c-stores to help grow the ‘better for you’ healthy snacks category for retailers.

Popchips Logo

Popchips are satisfying snacks that are never deep fried! Unlike other snacks, Popchips taste great and have less fat and calories. In 2017, Lil’ Drug Store Products agreed to be the exclusive convenience channel marketer of Popchips.

Sensible Foods Logo

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Fruit is an all-natural and delicious snack with 100% real fruits and nothing else! In 2017, Lil’ Drug Store Products agreed to be the exclusive convenience channel marketer of Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Fruit.

Chattem Brands Logo

In 2018, Sanofi CHC (Chattem, Inc.) granted Lil’ Drug Store Products exclusive convenience channel management of Sanofi’s Chattem brand portfolio, including consumer-preferred brands such as Rolaids, Allegra, Zantac, Dulcolax, Cortizone, Gold Bond, and Unisom. Lil’ Drug is responsible for the marketing and sales of these brands in over 100,000 U.S. convenience stores.

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