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Did you know that 75% of shoppers wish there was a greater selection of “better for you” snacks at convenience stores? Lil’ Drug Store Products has partnered with brands that have a great taste and provide “better for you” benefits like more protein, less fat, and lower calories than traditional snacks.

“Better for you” snack sales aren’t just better for consumers – they are better for retailers too.

Contact us to help grow your snack sales with Harvest Snaps, Popchips, and Sensible Foods, available exclusively from Lil’ Drug Store Products.

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Introduce your taste buds to low calorie, high protein snack perfection. Harvest Snaps are delicious, light and crispy pea-pod shaped snacks made from the whole pea.

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Popchips are satisfying snacks that are never deep fried! Unlike other snacks, Popchips taste great and have less fat and calories.

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Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Fruit is an all-natural and delicious snack with 100% real fruits and nothing else!